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    • Embracing tax certainty through improved dispute resolution
      A suite of mutually reinforcing measures with an overall focus on resolution at the earliest point in time is the ultimate goal for taxpayers and tax authorities. Achim Pross, Sandra Knaepen and Mark Johnson of the OECD describe the organisation’s comprehensive dispute resolution agenda, both within and beyond the BEPS project.
    • EU holding company structure in treaty shopping cases
      The tax status and characterisation of passive holding companies has gained renewed interest with Article 7 of the OECD’s Multilateral Instrument (MLI) containing some reference to these entities. Mauro Manca of Giovannelli e Associati looks at how these structures can still work if there are sound organisational reasons in the MNE structure.
    • Americas Tax Awards 2017: Shortlists announced
      The nominees for the 12th annual Americas Tax Awards have been announced.
    • Taxing the digital economy: EU Commission Directive proposal for a significant digital presence tax
      The EU Commission’s proposal for a 'significant digital presence' tax is a bold attempt to ring-fence the digital economy, despite the views of some OECD members that this approach is inappropriate.
    • Raising capital from Mexican pension funds
      In recent years, Mexican government agencies, including the Mexican Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) and the National Retirement Savings System Commission (CONSAR) have implemented regulatory changes with the intent of allowing investors in general and specialised retirement fund investment companies in particular, to better diversify their holdings while at the same time providing the private […]
    • Goldman Sachs invests in Argentina after Macri’s tax reform
      Equity International and Goldman Sachs Group are investing more than $300 million in Argentine real estate, following President Mauricio Macri’s overhaul of the country’s tax and economic strategy.

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